Hope for banana imports


Reports today that the ban on imported bananas may be lifted. In our household, bananas have become an exotic treat; dividing a banana amongst three children evenly is not uncommon. Failure to finish one exacts severe punishment.

As I noted months ago, calls from banana growers to stop imports was dramatically inconsistent with the marketing suggesting how important they were for children. Of course, the cat is out of the bag on that one.

3 Responses to "Hope for banana imports"
  1. Import restrictions should never be lifted on bananas because of the enormous risk of plant diseases and insect pest potentially taking a life threating attack on the rural economy of northern Australia, also mentioning the social fabric health of the rural centres involved in growing bananas. All it takes is one piece of organic matter or one insect to enter, in these 21kg cartons on a coolroom container and to pass through the quarantine restricted stations, and remember the quanities that will be hitting markets could be in excess of 160 tonnes per week. Are bananas too expensive, not at all, when at the moment small growers are making below cost on fruit sent.

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