Election advertising


The Victorian State election is on today. It is apparently neck-and-neck between Labor and the Liberals. So how have the parties worked at convincing the voters?

Not very well on a sample of two – daughter number 2 and me. Driving into the city today we played a simple game – what were the campaign television advertisements of each party that we could remember? We both remembered the negative Labor advertisements targeted at the Liberal leader, but I suspect that was more because of the defamation action that has been launched (but will presumably be quietly dropped post-election). I remembered the Liberal’s ‘rotten orange’ commercial (daughter number 2 claimed not to have seen it). But that was it.

I personally think the ALP has taken the wrong tack on its negative advertisements. Do we really care if more than a decade ago the Liberal leader was a partner in the real estate firm that sold some assets that were being privatised by the state government? Is there any evidence of ‘foul play’? They struck me as ‘desperate’ advertisements – but we will know later today what the voters think.

Overall, however, the advertisements (and campaign) were lackluster. Daughter number 2 is a couple of months too young to vote at this election. Most of her friends are voting for the first time. But clearly neither major party has got anywhere close to communicating with her demographic group. Maybe that is why the Greens are going so well in inner-city seats dominated by young voters.

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