Oakes and Assange


In the “It’s an odd world” category:

Last week, Assange was vilified by world leaders and accused by the Australian Labor government of acting illegally. All this for publishing leaked documents.

Last week, Oakes received Australian journalism’s highest award, for his stories based on leaks from the Australian Labor government.

Is Assange in line for next year’s awards?

4 Responses to "Oakes and Assange"
  1. Assange would have actually have to acheived something noteworthy, i.e. better than diplomatic gossip. I don’t see any Watergate, ‘Children Overboard’, AWB Wheat for Oil, etc. cases breaking wide open.

    The key difference seems to be the nature of the media channel rather than the quality of its content.

    Where’s the beef? 

  2. If he hasn’t achieved anything, DP, why are the yanks so keen to jail him?  You can’t have it both ways.

  3. derrida derider,
    Mate! Same reason Why Kevin Andrews kept Dr. Mohammad Haneef in solitary confinement* for 19 days.

  4. DD, I think a dichotomy is the appropriate definition for what is occurring with respect to Mr Assange and Wikileaks and politicians? There is no neat causal relationship between the quality of the information released and the over-reactions of politicians.
    All I can say in defense is that Assange should know he is in a quandary when Mr A. Putin, Russian PM, comes to his defense over ‘freedom of the media’ (in a Russia that kills its inquiring journalists and muckrakers). It’s fast becoming a Monty Python sketch.

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