Beer and competition laws


I have an Op Ed piece in the Age today on the ‘beer wars’ and resale price maintenance. Available here.

3 Responses to "Beer and competition laws"
  1. Stephen, I’m not sure your observations on the failure of House Brand beers are quite correct.

    Having analysed the low carbohydrate beer market in the past for a prospective new entrant, Woolworths Platinum Blonde and to a lesser extent Coles Maxx Blonde have made significant inroads on Fosters’ market leading Pure Blonde brand.

    House Brands are a significant threat to Fosters and Lion Nathan in the beer market and Woolworths have been progressively acquiring stakes in brewing operations.

  2. The existence or otherwise of any threat rests with consumers. This is what I find strangest about the public commentary on the major grocery chains: no one seems to mention what consumers want. “Branded milk suffering at hands of ” … consumers! “Threat to beer brands value ” … only if consumers see any! Is there really no one willing to state the bleeding obvious?

  3. It is interesting that the same does not seem to apply to softdrink brands.
    No matter how cheaply Coke is discounted, it doesn’t seem to hurt the Coke brand much (and brand is all you have in the softdrink market, far more so than beer).

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