Is the ABC right wing?


[HT: Catallaxy] Apparently, the organization Get-Up or some related group seem to think so. How about looking at the evidence? Andrew Leigh and I did this (click here and here for a Walkley write-up) and found that when it comes down to it, the media in Australia is pretty non-slanted. The one little exception was Channel 2 which, against conventional wisdom at the time, was slightly but significantly pro-Coalition. But I think the “sad version of (Rupert) Murdoch’s Fox News” claim isn’t really supported. Well, maybe it has changed in the last two years.

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  1. Yeah, no. Balance is there when measuring he said she said reporting, but the main problem is poor journalistic standards. ABC political news so often leads with story angles from News Ltd, the opposition response to a policy before information about the policy, and most annoyingly content is usually editorialised via voice intros etc. Shoddy and lazy basically.

  2. To put this in context, the story is presumably referring to this:

    A crow-sourced campaign ideas forum is hardly “Get-Up or some related group seem to think so”, more “random dude has a grip with the ABC”.
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  3. I must be living in an alternate universe then.  How anyone can read The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and The Herals Sun on a daily basis and come to the conclusion that media in Australia is pretty ‘non-slanted’ is quite astounding. It’s a continuous Labor bash, relentless, calculated and where the truth has to be stretched to fit the facts then so be it.

    A perfect example was the Australian’s ‘Westpac joins the carbon tax revolt’   which Media Watch highlighted recently.

    There has been some improvement at ABC News online but the point many commentators have made; that too often it takes Liberal Party press releases and transcribes them verbatim as ‘news’   is I think well founded.

  4. Yes, things have changed n the past two years. You’d better do your research again.

    And what is “Channel 2”?

  5. Joshua I see you’re still peddling that nonsense so called study.   As an aside how much did it cost the taxpayer and is any chance you and Andrew Leigh refund the cost back the ATO?

  6. Right wing? come off it.  Any objective analysis of the ABC’s political face is that it is heavily left wing biassed. And has been for years. If you’ve watched Kerry o’b you notice that when interviewing ALP bodies he lets them rant on.  when interviewing Lib bodies, he interrupts most answers to push his view – which strangely. looks a lot like the ALP’s.  it’s not a coincidence that there are not that many Lib interviews on the channel – mostly they know they wont get a fair shake so they don’t bother.

  7. @Lloyd: Of course News Ltd media has a clear right-wing slant. Just the same as Fairfax media and the ABC have a clear left-wing slant. Don’t bemoan one without at least acknowledging the other or you might come across a touch hypocritical.

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