Deanship available!


As some of you already know, I will be finishing up as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University later this year, and returning to a standard Professor role at Monash. The advertisement for my successor was in the Australian on Saturday and the position will be advertised elsewhere over the next few weeks.

The reason behind my decision is very simple: I am looking to get back into my research work and teaching. After over seven years in ‘non research’ jobs as a Commissioner and a Dean, I am looking forward to getting some of the half-dozen or so half-finished papers that I have lying around actually finished.

The reaction to my decision has been interesting. Those outside the University sector seem to find it odd. My non-University friends view it as a ‘step down’. In contrast, my University friends tend to congratulate me!

Of course, one side benefit is that next year I will have more time for blogging.

3 Responses to "Deanship available!"
  1. great, we need more blogging from you. the output at Core Economics has not been frequent enough. I run a business and blog more than the entire CE site!

  2. Stephen, I’m not sure I want you blogging more as researching more.  There are great big voids in Australian economic research especially in relation to what I call “Digital Economy effects”.  I know that you have the capacity to address them.

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