Deaf to Danger (in New York!)


I have previously commented on the dangers of dog walkers with iPods. Well – I am not alone. Someone is doing something about it. Unfortunately that someone is in the US. As noted  here, New York plans to:

make it illegal for walkers and joggers to use any kind of electronic device while crossing the street.

Good start New York but don’t forget the bike paths where walkers unduly under iPod influence randomly walk in front of on-coming bicycles. I note that:

Oregon and Virginia … would fine bicyclists as much as $90 for riding under the influence of technology.

How about the same fines here for bike-path walkers?

Come on Julia. Forget the NBN and carbon taxes. Here is a real issue to get the electorate back on your side.

3 Responses to "Deaf to Danger (in New York!)"
  1. I don’t think this needs regulation. A few tragic ‘deaths by ipod’ would make people think twice and generate more cautious street behaviour by ipodders.

    You can’t regulate common sense – what next? No eating your kebab while crossing the road? No daydreaming?

  2. The cheapest form of transport is walking yet we give precedence to cars and bikes.  Surely a better solution is to give walkers the shortest most convenient routes and keep the cars and bikes away from pedestrians.

  3. So you’re expecting people to remove their headphones every time they cross the street? Does that include when jogging at 5 a.m.? What does the data say about how much higher the risk is of crossing the street with headphones on? If its that dangerous, surely there would be large numbers of incidents by now, given how prolific ipods/phones/ etc are.

    (or maybe most people do exercise common sense and the media/nanny state just focus on the odd exception…)

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