Tea in Rome


Coming back to Melbourne after a great holiday, I immediately noted this article on coffee in Rome. Nice article, but for tea drinkers like my wife, Rome can be a problem.

We stayed near the Palazzo di Montecitorio – close to the Pantheon. And my wife was after ‘hot tea with milk’. To the locals this was clearly insane – particularly in 30 degree plus heat. We found one cafe happy to provide for my wife’s addiction – at 5 Euro for a cup of hot water and a teabag (milk on the side). So we searched further – including some unmentionable US fast food chains near the Trevi Fountain. But no HOT tea (iced tea was easy). After about an hour my wife (with very grumpy husband in tow) found a great cafe-cake shop-gelato bar with hot tea for 1.70 Euro (stand up price). It was (of course) about 100 m from our hotel – in the opposite direction to which we had been looking.

It took a little while to convince the staff that my wife wanted hot tea and milk (not lemon) – but we got there. During our week in Rome my wife became a regular. The staff would see her coming in the intense heat, shake their heads and start to fill up the tea pot.

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