Bring bankcard back!


A back to the future moment in this article.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay from Queensland’s Fraud and Corporate Crime Group says one of the best ways to fight credit-card identity theft would be to limit cards for use within Australia.

We used to have an ‘Australia only credit card’, before Mastercard and Visa came to our shores.

It was called Bankcard. It closed in 2007, presumably because it was not sufficiently profitable. Perhaps its time to revisit that decision.

One Response to "Bring bankcard back!"
  1. How about ending the insanity of handing over your entire credit balance to every tinpot merchant for every transaction you undertake?
    I never thought these words would leave my mouth, but Paypal is an improvement. You authorise a certain amount to be transferred, you see that amount on screen, you enter your password and that’s what is taken out of your account.. The merchant can’t come back for a second bite at the cherry, or use that authorisation to go and spend your money at
    The Paypal way, at least you only have one group of  sociopathic thieves who have access to all your money, so you know who to blame when it goes missing.

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