Where to next?


I recently learned that some of our colleagues now refer to themselves as “Global Economists”. I wonder which graduate school one goes attends to major in this field–I dont see it in the JEL other than as a subfield if International called “global outlook”. Am I being unfair at wondering if “Galactic Economist” is next?

3 Responses to "Where to next?"
  1. A critical economist whose Hessian is definite is a global economist? 

    I’m a saddle point economist.

  2. Or are you a local maximum? I dunno but identifying yourself as the place that jockeys place their arse seems to limit your potential to become a Master of the Universe. But good luck and gobble, gobble.

  3. Just checked. My Hessian is non-symmetric. Seems I have NDS (neural discontinuity syndrome), which is an autosomal dominant defect. I blame my supervisor. 

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