What’s in a name?


Stephen King is a very annoying name. Of course there is an author with the same name. There is a (former) StKilda and Geelong ruckman and a jockey (both with a ‘v’). There is another economist – chief economist at HSBC and UK columnist. There are also a bunch of people who think I am Steve Keen, despite my lack of doom and gloom predictions in this blog.

So, today, I get back from a weekend up north to be asked if I am the shark-fighting, surfing Stephen King.

Sorry, no!

Maybe I will change my name to Marmaduke King. There hasn’t been one of those for a while (here and here). Of course – there is the dog!


3 Responses to "What’s in a name?"
  1. Hi Prof. King,
    I still remember the first time we met at that Faculty Board meeting back in early 2009 …. and …. someone said … “There was not enough complain here … We want to improve and fix issue”.
    …. There is a saying …. “Be-careful what you wish for ….”

  2. Anecdote from circa 1993 when I was sharing house with a woman who was an obsessive fan (I am not exaggerating) of everything the author Stephen King scribed and the movies based on his books. 

    To see her reaction when Stephen King called and left a message with her for me to call back was priceless.  Better than a hundred Mastercards.  I didn’t explain.  My bad.

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