Academics and public debate


The Common Room blog in the Australian seems to have a bee-in-its-bonnet about academics being involved in public discourse. See here and here.

There is much I agree with although I think Universities need a balance. We need academics who are great researchers, great teachers, great translators (i.e. communicating research to a broader public), great policy innovators, and even great administrators. No single academic can be all of these things which means our universities need to be a ‘broad church’. And different Universities should aim to have a different mix of these skills.

Of course, I should be blogging in reply to all the people that I upset with yesterday’s post – but I have an obscure journal article to write!

(p.s. yes, I will respond on PHI and private schools ASAP!)

One Response to "Academics and public debate"
  1. The problem starts with things that economists think that they understand, but really don’t. For example, what are quality and convenience? This video shows how the rational becomes strange when you ask a few simple questions. You get to see a new equation that can ties everything together. Don’t bother if you can’t take the truth.

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