A brown-coal export hub for the Latrobe valley?


I have a post over at the conversation on this. I am sceptical to say the least!

One Response to "A brown-coal export hub for the Latrobe valley?"
  1. This is a very important subject.

    Why does the author get waylaid with a wonky dairy industry revival argument? Sounds like a typical global warming alarmist diversion. I recently read an article saying LV brown coal could not be exported because there is no rail link to Hastings – There is one in fact

    Contrary to academic lore you don’t actually need government funding to develop the technology and channels to make this happen. You can just sell the mining leases and let the importing customers work it our for themselves.

    This is not some sociallist collective project – it is real business and if we don’t get on board the customer will. 

    LV brown coal is the cheapest (probably in the world) generation fuel.       

    MBS students would be able to work out (maybe) that if you put it on a ship and send it to India they will see the same economic argument after deducting transport costs, which are not great.

    This after the fact that the silly alarmists will give you the hard won technology to burn the stuff for nothing.

    No need to be skeptical – this one is a clear winner.     

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