False ‘fitness for no effort’ claims


I hate those advertisements that tell you how to get fit for no effort. I hate them for three reasons:

  1. They annoy the hell out of me, particularly when heard just after riding home on the bike or running around the park;
  2. They are usually aimed at women and are demeaning; and
  3. They always sound like they are full of BS.

So the FTC has settled with Skechers about deceptive claims for their shape-up shoes. The details are here but the lesson is simple. If a claim sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.

One Response to "False ‘fitness for no effort’ claims"
  1. Stephen at least a pair of Skechers probably does you no harm – what about the ridiculous claims that you can about make $500/day on forex trading. That is the BS scam that should be banned.

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