Melbourne is number one!


Its wet.

Its cold.

Its August in Melbourne.

I rode home tonight and got completely soaked. The creek next to the bike path had flooded at spots. The rain was so hard that my glasses were completely useless. But when I got home the first story on the news was about Melbourne being selected as the ‘world’s most livable city‘.

Hmmm. Any jobs going in Brisbane?


6 Responses to "Melbourne is number one!"
  1. I managed to ride home without getting wet. Left at 5.30pm and rode North East. Nothing more satisfying than dodging a storm. The worst part about riding in the rain is shoes getting soaked through and then not completely drying by morning.

  2. As a fellow bespectacled cyclist, I have found cycling caps to be indispensible when it is raining. Pulled down low they keep most of the rain off my lenses, even in heavy rain.

  3. It’s always a bad idea to generalize from one datapoint (a bike ride on an unfriendly day), no? 😉

  4. Are you kidding? Have you tried riding a bike in Brisbane in February? You’d get wetter in your own sweat than any rain could make you.

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