Time to sell Qantas International?


So a deal with Emirates appears to be ‘done’ for code sharing. But let’s face it – this is still fluffing around at the margin. Qantas international is loss making and has an aging fleet. But Qantas cancelled a fleet upgrade earlier this month. So Qantas International will keep grinding on with high cost fleet and a long, stringy international network. Perhaps it is time for the government to amend the Qantas Sale Act, allow the airline to split into two, and allow another airline to buy Qantas International. This will probably improve service and reduce cost – benefitting the Australian consumer. And, given its brand value, the Flying Kangaroo will probably still be seen. And it will still be as Australian as Vegemite.

2 Responses to "Time to sell Qantas International?"
  1. Who will buy QF International?
    With outdated costly staff agreements.
    With outdated costly gas-guzzling aircraft.
    Without the profitable domestic operation.
    Their biggest assets are the Qantas brand & their experienced great staff. But then no one really wants to pay for staff.

    At least, Jetstar will be able continue to sponge off the profitable QF-Dom operation, once QF-Int is sold off….

    Instead of driving the airline into the ground, like a Low Cost Carrier, Qantas would be better off getting rid of the useless Qantas board, Dixon and the small-minded useless Joyce and spend more time building the “ONE” Qantas brand as opposed to fragmenting the Qantas brand.(Qantas,JetConnect,Jetstar Domestic, International, Asia, QantasLink, etc) Look at what Emirates have done – MADE THEIR EMIRATES BRAND FAMOUS without diluting it with their competiitors…

    How much longer will the institutional investors put up with the current board and managment of Qantas? Surely Dixon and his institional followers must give up salivating over their Qantas carcass soon… and let Qantas rise back up to its iconic stature!! (before its too late)

  2. Frank, Geoff Dixon has not been on the Board of Qantas since 2008. I agree he was massively over paid for poor performing airline while he was CEO.

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