Green and red beer in Berlin


Germany is meant to be the beer capital of the world, and Berlin is the capital of Germany. So why is the beer so bad?

Apparently it is all due to the French. After the 30 year war between Catholics and Protestants in Europe, a de-populated Berlin welcomed in Protestant immigrants from Catholic France. The immigrants, brought up on wine, were unimpressed with the local brew. So they added colored syrup. So today the local beer comes in green or red and tastes like … well, something young kids might like. It is sickly sweet and nothing like beer.

The locals in Berlin will protest that this is just a tourist drink. But it appears a lot more than that. Bars appear to offer Berliner Weiss with cola or orange soda. And when we opened a couple of beers from a local supermarket we found them undrinkable. We checked the ingredients and, sure enough, ‘sirop’ was included.

I usually favor immigration. It brings skills, vibrancy and new ideas to a country. But in the case of Berlin beer, the French immigrants have a lot to answer for!

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