Waiter! Bring me your machine.


I received the following media release:

A revolution in the way Australians dine out at restaurants and cafes is about to occur.

For generations now diners have been used to receiving their bill in a little black folder, usually emblazoned with the logo of a global card brand.

That is about to change.

From 2014, consumers will no longer be able to sign their VISA and MasterCard bills at the table, owing to security fears and a history of fraud.

They will be forced to leave their seats and pay for their meals at the cashier using a four digit code, or in a minority of cases the payment terminal will come to them at their table. …

Minority of cases? On my recent central European sojourn it was the norm to have the waiter use a portable card machine which was brought to the table to pay for your bill. Indeed, when I tried to do the Australian ‘I’m in a hurry approach’ of ‘going up’ to pay the bill, I was quickly sent back to my seat to await the waiter.
There are significant security benefits of this and I expect this to become the norm in Australia.
One Response to "Waiter! Bring me your machine."
  1. It’s the norm in Australia to go to the counter and pay your bill using their machine there. Well at least in the places I go to. Even if they deliver a bill to you table they expect you to go to the counter to pay it.

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