What is the effect of wind generation?


I have a piece at the Conversation looking at the effect of wind generation on the National Electricity Market. The effect of wind generation depends on its correlation with demand (it is negatively correlated with the peak demand in South Australia according to the AEMC) and what type of generation is ‘pushed out’ of the market by wind. And the short term effects may be very different to the long term.

2 Responses to "What is the effect of wind generation?"
  1. And there are some who say we should be pointing our solar PV to the west (to address summer afternoon/evening peak demand), rather than north (which catches more during the middle of the day, when demand is lower).

    And in addition to some of the comments at The Conversation re wind being shown to displace coal, if we actually did want wind to provide peaking power (and who is saying that should be a goal of wind generation anyway?), perhaps we should be building a giant pile of wind farms around the northern edge of Melbourne and point them to the north: it gets hottest here when a strong northerly is blowing. Boom! Problem solved.

  2. It’s not clear why the oil-burning “super-peaker” plant would ever be more attractive to build than a gas-fired plant.

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