Following on from the example of others, here are this blog’s top posts (by 2007 pageviews) of 2007:

  1. Apple Australia Slips Up
  2. Mathtype in Word 2007
  3. Comet McNaught Indeed
  4. What Susan Athey did to win
  5. The merger
  6. Mathematica 6!
  7. Do downloads impact music sales?
  8. iPod index is no iTunes Index
  9. iPhone Margins and what they mean
  10. Finally, finally, finally, Tivo

and these blasts from the past still got lots of hits:

This just shows how much traffic is keyword search driven. By the top keywords that got people to this site were: comet mcnaught, joshua gans, mathtype office 2007,, mathtype word 2007, economics,, afr blog, baby bonus, coreecon.

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  1. […] As bloggers who get some decent traffic know (and I include myself amongst them). Google’s approach has generated some power. Let me give you a good example of this. Last year I installed Word 2007 (which I love) but Mathtype (a program I have used for over a decade for equation editing did not work so well and Microsoft’s internal option sucked). So I contacted Design Science who make Mathtype and they sent me a solution. The solution wasn’t on their site and so I posted it here as a post. That was in February 2007 and by the end of the year it was one of my most read posts. […]

  2. […] last year, I thought I’d list today the most popular posts on this blog from […]

  3. […] year I list the top posts from this blog. Here is 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and […]

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