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Good teachers matter indeed. Some teachers are borne this way; they just have the natural ability that it takes. Others have to work, and possibly work hard, on becoming at least halfway decent ones. That often requires considerable effort that can, or cannot, be elicited through teacher incentives. Not surprisingly, incentivizing teachers – and measuring teaching…(Read More)

Ross Gittins, the economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, yesterday threw a fit; you can read it here. Basically arguing that economists are hopelessly committed to something he labels the “’neo-classical’ model”, he claims that “This conventional economics reduces all economic activity to that which happens within markets. It further narrows the operation…(Read More)

A famous saying has it that, if we were to ask “n” economists for their opinion, we would be assured of at least “n+1” opinions because one of them would surely have two opinions all by himself. So when 172 economists (professors all and by and far German, to boot!), motivated by the outcomes…(Read More)

In a recently published working paper (see here), Swedish economists Elinder & Erixson revisit the issue of gender, social norms, and survival in maritime disasters. This topic has attracted some attention through the controversial work of Frey et al. (e.g., here; see also here) which made much of the alleged bravery of male passengers…(Read More)

A while ago, I related to this forum a “developing story” in the USA (see here) involving the Central Asia Institute and its founder Greg Mortenson; the multiple allegations (of fraud, deceit, breach of contract, racketeering, and unjust enrichment on the part of Mortensen and CAI) were significant and posed, once again, serious questions about…(Read More)

On Friday last week (February 3), the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) published a position paper (see here) that will inform the development of a legislative instrument for auctioning carbon units that will specify the detailed policies, procedures and rules for auctioning carbon units; the DCCEE is now seeking public comment on…(Read More)

The philanthropic press in the USA (e.g., here) — and not only it (e.g., here) — is currently abuzz about accusations levelled against Greg Mortenson, former mountaineer turned successful book author turned philanthropic entrepreneur and co-founder of the Central Asia Institute (CAI). For a quick primer, see here. The CAI has raised tens of…(Read More)

The Australian Third, or Civil Sector, is one of the largest industries in the country. According to a 2010 Productivity Commission (PC) report (see here) it consists currently of 600 000 not-for-profit organizations, of which the Australian Bureau of Statistics considers about 60 000 economically significant (e.g., employing paid staff, or otherwise…(Read More)