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Over the last 15-20 years academic school meetings have gone from rambling and unstructured brawls to dull “executive infomercials”. The former led to marathon meetings. The current model has led to a middle-management culture that often does not take advantage of the very valuable specialists skills of talented, highly trained (and experienced) scholars…(Read More)

That mandatory health insurance coverage makes sound economic sense, and has had broad support from economists of all persuasions for decades does not seem to be enough to sway Judges John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito of the US Supreme Court. Alarmingly, Scalia does not seem to understand the difference between consumption of insurance…(Read More)

The legacy of history is a powerful factor in the development of Australia’s university system. Originally incorporated in 1850 under the University of Sydney Act* “for the better advancement of religion and morality, and the promotion of useful [my emphasis] knowledge” (section I of the Act), the University of Sydney primarily functioned to educate…(Read More)

Where to next?


I recently learned that some of our colleagues now refer to themselves as “Global Economists”. I wonder which graduate school one goes attends to major in this field–I dont see it in the JEL other than as a subfield if International called “global outlook”. Am I being unfair at wondering if “Galactic Economist” is…(Read More)

For many decades, graduates of Australian bachelor’s degrees in economics have been making the trek to the best PhD programs the world has to offer such as Harvard, Princeton, LSE. This is a testament to the quality of our undergraduate education. But to get into a top PhD program more is required than good…(Read More)

Following up on Joshua’s post. It takes a lot of effort to do good research and even more to get the top researchers in your field to be sufficiently impressed by your work that they recommend its publication in a leading international journal. For scientific research, these leading journals include ‘Nature’  and ‘Science’.  In…(Read More)