Global IP has the IP

IP telephony has arrived although it is hardly ubiquitous. Skype has the most hype but as most people know, Yahoo’s messenger was not far behind. This week Yahoo announced a service that would allow you to call ordinary phones (just like Skype) at the same rate as Skype (2 cents per minute). Google, Microsoft and AOL are all to follow. This all suggests that this will be a highly competitive business and none of these firms will end up making any real money from it.

However, a footnote to the Yahoo! announcement was that it had selected Global IP Sound to imrpove its sound quality. Who are these people? Well, they also supply the same technology to Skype, AOL, Nortel among others. Maybe there is a winner here after all.

Looking at GIPS’s stock price, and the news barely rated. So there is probably more here than meets the eye. Nonetheless, Global IP Sound is something to watch for.

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