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In what might be the first of many, Andrew was contacted this morning by a mother claimed that she was coerced into having a caesarian on the 30th June 2004. Here is the account:

I was a private patient. I spoke with my private ob, a public ob and private and public midwives. I was at a large private/public maternity hospital in Brisbane.

My first ob was very supportive of a natural birth until I went postdates. He originally gave me a due date of 20/6/04 but on 28/6/04 said you are 42 weeks you have to have a caesarean. When I went to reception to book in I overheard his receptionists joking with him that he would need to sleep at the hospital for the first week of July because of all the births booked in. On the 29/6/04 I demanded a second opinion.

My son was born by “elective” caesarean on 30/6/04. The pressure that was put on me to have him was UNBELIEVABLE. I believe (as do others who hear my story) that I was pressured into the caesarean to get me out of the way.

If there are more, we will post them here. If you have a story please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I am only 9 but at school we are doing debating, and the subject my team has is the Baby Bonus. My team got the negative side of the argument, and I have been studying non-stop. At first I was not so enthusiastic, and I didn’t really know what the Baby Bonus was, but after more and more research I have become hooked on the subject. I think it is disgusting how you were pressured into having a ceaserian. I also think that the ways some people are abusing the Baby Bonus is disgusting. Even I thought, “yes of course this would happen, it always does.” So why couldn’t the government see? I am fighting strongly against it in the debate, and I only wish I were older so I could fight against it for real.


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