How fast is your broadband connection?

I recently upgraded to Bigpond Cable Extreme. Occasionally, it seems faster but who really knows? Well, here is an independent test you to try; It is really easy to use. And the verdict on BPE: to San Francisco, 2696 kps down and 235 kps up. Not bad except that I don’t really know what I got before. (Perhaps some shared information in the comments will help).

Interestingly, at work here at Melbourne Business School, I got 1653 kps down and 2035 kps up. (A query into IT has been made).

3 thoughts on “How fast is your broadband connection?”

  1. Your fundamental issue with this test is that it relies upon a number of peering relationships outside the control of your ISP (Telstra), not to mention the current capacity Telstra has on the Southern Cross cable. Cable Extreme gives you the ability to access the Telstra network and those networks which Telstra directly peers with at a very reasonable speed, once you start going off the Telstra network then you are at the whim of all sorts of other potential issues, including congestion at the peering points themselves. A far better test would be to access servers internal to the Telstra network (One of their FTP or web servers) as what Telstra is offering is 17Mb between your house and their cable headend, not your house to the US.

    This has always been one of the things that interests me when people talk about “true” broadband. Considering we only have one protected (Not that most of the ISP’s in Australia have protected paths) circuit of any real capacity out of Australia one wonders when that penny will drop.


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