Galactica Episode Free on the Web

The New York Times reports that a Battlestar Galactica episode will screen free on the web in installments. What is more, for those who need a catch up …

The channel is hedging its bets by releasing a one-hour recap, called “The Story So Far,” summarizing the show to date. It will appear in September on several NBC Universal television channels (Sci Fi, USA, Sleuth, Bravo, Universal HD) and will be available free on the Web site, on iTunes, on, on, on United Air Lines flights and at Universal theme parks.

This all follows on from the NBC experiment with The Office. It is going on as we speak (click here for the laughs). And yes, it all seems to be viewable from Australia.

[Update: sadly, while The Office webisodes are available from Australia, BG are not. But have no fear youtube is here (for the moment).]