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A month or so ago my daughter, inspired by some questions from An Inconvenient Truth, wrote to the Prime Minister. Today a letter arrived from John Howard. Here is the original post. My daughter’s question was: “Why did Australia disagree with putting less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?”

The reply was one and a half pages long so I won’t reproduce it here. However, it basically said that the Australian government was committed to reducing greenhouses gases but did not sign the Kyoto Protocol because it did not involve the United States and other developing countries and so would have little impact. It then went on to discuss the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate and also $1.7 billion spent on dealing with climate change since 1996. Of course, the year 1996 drew a reaction from my daughter as to relevance since she was born in 1998. Apparently, the subtlies of party incumbency did not resonate.

Nonetheless, it was a positive experience all round and will make yet another great show and tell story for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Reply from the Prime Minister”

  1. Please could you give me a definitive link or statement by John Howard where he says Australia agrees to put more greenhouse gases into the atmostphere?

    Or to put it another way where does he/Australia disagree with putting less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?


  2. Congratulations to your very wise and clever daughter. Her slide show was excellent – well done!

    I am a 58 year old mother (soon-to-be-grandmother) and am heartened that there are children such as your daughter already making an important contribution to the affairs of this world. Bless you both and keep up the good work.


  3. Tim, the question (and its wording) was my daughter’s and she based it on An Inconvenient Truth. It was an inference drawn from the fact that Australia was one of only two countries not to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

    Now interestingly the PM’s letter said that Australia would like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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