Small ‘l’ liberal

Greg Mankiw tried this and it turns out he is a libertarian. What am I?

That is a small ‘l’ on the liberal. Interestingly, the distance between myself and Mankiw is not large and is all on the economics and not the personal issues. Try the world’s smallest political quiz yourself to see where you lie.

It will be interesting to plot the Oz group of bloggers on this. Where are you John Quiggin?

3 thoughts on “Small ‘l’ liberal”

  1. Almost exactly the same spot as you, Joshua.

    The quiz is obviously presented from a libertarian viewpoint, which I suspect skews the results a bit. Starting from other political perspectives might produce a different selection of issues.


  2. One of the Questions is “cut Government Spending by 50%, which appears to me to be a pretty radical position, even if you are a conservative. Rather than spliting the population 50/50 I would suspect that the question would split the population 99 to 1 in favour of not cutting Government by 50%.


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