They are silly in the UK too

It seems like the UK has silly and outmoded copyright laws in relation to the iPod (click here).

Want to be a rebel and break the law in the United Kingdom? It’s easy. All you need is an iPod and a CD.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Pop a CD into you computer.
Step 2: Import the songs into iTunes.
Step 3: Sync the songs onto your iPod.

Millions of people in the United Kingdom break the law everyday just by using their iPods. Why? The music industry in the UK claims that the illegal practice of coping music onto your iPod costs them hundreds of millions of pounds a year. Anyone else getting a 1998 Napster flashback here?

Apparently the UK music industry is about a decade out of sync with reality. In an effort to help the UK music industry get with the times, ministers in the UK are being urged to relax copyright laws to prevent music fans from facing prosecution for using their iPods. A UK think-tank called the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has recommended an overhaul of the legislation to allow a “private right to copy” music, and thus stop home users being treated the same as large-scale pirates.

As I blogged about a while back, Australia recently moved to improve matters but the law still leaves alot to be desired.