Putting two billboards together

There are two Victorian Labor ads on billboards on the Monash. The first one reads something like “9000 teachers axed under last Liberal government.” Five kms later another reads “7377 teachers and staff hired under Labor.” Well it seems to me that with a growing population, the current Labor government has far fewer teachers employed at the moment than under the previous Labor government. Hence, class sizes are still too high. Of course, I will take the point that it is better than the situation under the Liberals but the two billboards together don’t make the same killer point as just one might.

One thought on “Putting two billboards together”

  1. You’re right that Victoria is the only state that increased student-teacher ratios in government schools by a large margin over this period (Vic: 13.2 in 1992, 14.9 in 1999; Aust: 15.1 in 1992, 14.9 in 1999). But meanwhile, they spent the money on raising teacher salaries by more than any other state. In a recent paper (cue shameless self-promotion), I found that the increase in TERs for entering teacher education students was larger in Victoria than almost any other state.

    People too often forget the simple point that a 10% class size cut typically comes at the expense of a 10% teacher salary rise.


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