For the love of Skype


People do this all the time but I thought I would briefly comment on how wonderful Skype is. For the first time while travelling (and after a few teething problems between Mac-PC communication) I have been able to see my family.

Moreover, I was having trouble picking up my mobile messages (the Optus system didn’t recognise my Blackberry’s # key). I called using a hotel phone. Not only did it have the same recognitiion issues but a 30 second attempt cost me US$23! Those rates have skyrocketed to exploit those without mobiles. So I got on the troubleshooting page. The voice mail number had a link — call this number using Skype — and I did. So without Skype the Optus system doesn’t work. Oh, the irony.

One Response to “For the love of Skype”
  1. I did the same thing when I went on a trip to Singapore.

    The other thing you might want to look at doing is to buy a local landline number in Melbourne, so your friends and family can call you on a regular phone.

    If you want to be *really* nasty, buy some skypeout credits and forward your account to the hotel room’s phone number. that way people in Australia can call you and you don’t even need to pay for internet access.

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