With all this plane travel, I got to watch a number of movies recently. Let me do a quick run through. 

With the Qantas on-demand system, I had lots of options (including United Flight 93 which seemed like a bad idea for a plane movie). First off was World Trade Center (perhaps another bad idea). It was good but ultimately predictable (not the events of 9-11 but whether the policemen were saved or not). Then I watched the Australian mockumentary, Kenny. This was quite good. It followed Kenny, a sanitation worker (who installed portable toilets at large events) and, suffice it to say, you want to be somewhat in between meals to truely enjoy it. But if you like things like The Office, you will like this one.

On the flight back I saw not one but two Jennifer Aniston flicks (don’t ask me why, I have no idea; I think she is to the 00s what Michael J. Fox was to the early 90s). Friends with Money was light but ultimately pointless. The Break-Up was not so light and let’s face it, by the end of it I couldn’t give a stuff. Thank goodness for my backlog of The Colbert Report on my iPod to wipe the memories of those movies from my mind.

And last night, we saw, in an actual movie theatre, The Prestige. This, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine and some other guy movie was about magician rivals. It was very engaging and had an interesting ending. Of all the movies I have seen these past weeks, it is second only to Kenny.

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