Free Download TV

The BBC announced today that they will be giving away old programs such as Doctor Who and Red Dwarf using the very same technology and programs responsible for illegal TV downloads.

What they are just giving away that TV programs they currently provide for free over the broadcast network? Well, that just … makes complete sense. How strange?

What would happen if other broadcasters followed suit and just gave away shows with ads embedded? Too much sense, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Free Download TV”

  1. as long as they can change the embedded ads in the show to be based on the person viewing it (and not have stale 2-3 year old ads being shown)

    I would see this is a positive.


  2. There is a website that is doing this at the moment giving away free TV content of Independent FILM and TV producers.

    It seems to work pretty well..

    there are about 15 shows on board at the moment, more to come i think..

    anyway back to downloading..


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