Tivo shuts down TivoDownUnder

An announcement from TivoDownUnder today that Tivo is shutting it down:

As of 31st January 2007, tivodownunder.com will be no more. TiVo, the company in America had a problem with our use of their registered trademarks, and to cut a long story short we have agreed to shut the site down. They have actually been pretty good about it, and have allowed us some grace time to get rid of remaining stocks. After the 31st January 2007, the tivodownunder.com domain will be handed over to TiVo (so no email will work after this date, and our web site will no longer work).

This is sad as they were a supplier of refurbished Tivos to the Australian market; complementing the OzTivo community. The concern had to be the brand name as altering electronic products is legal in Australia.

I have a refurbished Tivo and can swear by it. It is the best solution out there as a digital video recorder; especially for recording pay television.

But what would be better is if Tivo brought the official product to Australia. With hundreds of OzTivo users, surely the market is established as viable.

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