PC Submission & 2006 Innovation Index

Following on from my earlier lengthy submission to the Productivity Inquiry into Science and Innovation, I lodged late last year a supplementary submission. You can access it here. Basically, it answers some mild criticisms of my first submission in the PC Draft Report.

Also released late last year is the 2006 version of the Innovation Index. You can access that here. There is not much that is new from last year. The bottom line is that Australia’s innovative capacity growth from the late 1980s through the 1990s has stalled. Put simply, government policies are not being put in place that will ensure that Australia performs well in terms of patents generated per capita (and indeed all innovative activity) over the next decade or so. It is yet another call for action on this front.

2 thoughts on “PC Submission & 2006 Innovation Index”

  1. Why is low expenditure on R&D a problem for Australia? We are a small country – from our POV we will surely do better by freeriding on others’ efforts rather than trying to advance the state of knowledge ourselves. We should help that freeriding by slack IP laws – the opposite of the strategy the government has pursued.

    Of course if it’s all a matter of handing out more business welfare, I can quite understand the urgent need 😉


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