Apple: beyond the computer

I was traveling when all of the new announcements from Apple came out. But one of the most significant was the dropping of Computer from the Apple Computer name. This is a clear signal to the likes of Sony and others where Apple is heading. Notice, for example, that Apple TV (unlike the iPod initially) works with both PC and Mac.

Microsoft (for one) are accommodating rather than fighting the Apple expansion. But what will others do? What can they do?

I think the most interesting thing about the technology in the iPhone is what it will mean for new products from Apple in the next year or two. Here are some speculations:

1. The iPod design will change to something similar to the iPhone but without the wireless connectivity.

2. Apple will release a tablet device that will be a large version of the iPhone designed to accommodate easy web and email viewing as opposed to pocketable portability. It will probably include a camera the other way for video conferencing and integrate with Apple TV (anyway you might figure). I wonder if it will slot into a fridge but there is a chance that it may be part of a new iMac with separating screen.

3. All MacBooks will migrate to a touch screen option and will have a GSM or Edge integrated option.

4. There will be a GPS navigation version with iPod included specifically for cars.

5. And, finally, for my big hope: an ebook reader that will do to books what the iPod has done to music.

As usual, expect that I will remind you all of things I get right but ignore the rest.

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