Resolving Star Wars conflicts

Keith Martin does an heroic job trying to resolve the conflicts between the two Star Wars trilogies [HT: Marginal Revolution]. A few problems:

1. If they were hiding Luke why did he keep the name Luke Skywalker?

2. Jedi don’t get scared (that is a path to the Dark Side) so imputing that on Obi-Wan seems implausible.

3. Wasn’t Bail Organa alive on the Yavin moon?

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  1. 1. They’re a space-faring people. “Skywalker” is probably the Galactic equivalent of “Smith”.

    2. Just because something’s a path to the Dark Side doesn’t mean that Jedis don’t do it.

    3. No.

    (Not that I’m a defender of the crapshit prequel trilogy.)


  2. Further to 1. Also, Luke’s cover was being the real son of Uncle Owen and Auntie ???. Whose last name was probably Skywalker. Leia, on the other hand, took the name of Bail and Mrs. Bail.


  3. 1. No Owen and Beru were not even related to Luke except by marriage.

    2. OK

    3. What about when Leia arrives at the Rebel base and says something to the effect “Father I thought you had been killed”? Although all of the references seem to say I must be wrong on that one.


  4. OK he was killed by the Death Star.

    The military speeder stops in a huge spaceship hangar, set up in the interior of the crumbling temple. Willard, the commander of the Rebel forces, rushes up to the group and gives Leia a big hug. Every one is pleased to see her.

    WILLARD: (holding Leia) You’re safe! We had feared the worst.

    Willard composes himself, steps back and bows formally.

    WILLARD: When we heard about Alderaan, we were afraid that you were… lost along with your father.

    I am going to have to watch this again!


  5. 1. “Luke: Uncle Owen, who was my father?
    Owen: He was a Sith… I mean … um…. a spice…. merchant. Yeah.
    Luke: What was his name?
    Owen: Darth….No! I mean, Skywalker! No! Um…
    Luke: Then I’m not Luke Lars. I’m Luke Skywalker. Cool.
    Beru: Owen, you idiot!”


  6. Now, I am not going to comment on Melbourne Uni academics having too much time on their hands, but ….


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