Gore and energy consumption

Making the rounds on the web this morning is this report that Al Gore’s house consumers 20 times more electricity than the US average and that it has been increasing since the release of his documentary. Bloggers are reporting this without question and calling it hypocritical (click here for an example).

But I don’t think any of them have seen the movie. Unless they are accusing him of lying, Gore explicitly claimed that he purchased offsets for all his carbon use (most importantly travel). In this case, if he is emitting he is bearing that cost which is more than could be said for the average household. (Although I must say, having looked into this myself, it is really hard to know which offsets can be relied upon but I am sure that just by saying that commenters will tell me!)

[Update: I was right about Gore and offsets]

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    FYI – I updated the originally catallaxy post on this as soon as it was pointed out that Gore was doing the offset thing.


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