Upcoming ETC Workshops

It has been a very busy year for the Economic Theory Centre at the University of Melbourne. Not only do we have our major conference next week but we have had a large number of workshops (click here). Here is what is coming up over the next month:

  • Jean Tirole (Toulouse), “Identity, Dignity and Taboos: Beliefs as Assets”: Thursday 15th March (3pm at MBS)
  • Matthew Gentzkow (Chicago), “What Drives Media Bias?”: Tuesday 20th March (1pm at MBS)
  • Fernando Leiva (Iowa), “Pricing Patents Through Citations”: Monday 26th March (1pm at MBS)
  • Seongwuk Moon (Northwestern), “How does the Division of Labor Affect the Distribution of Earnings? Implications of the Organization of Production”: Thursday, 29th March (1pm at MBS)
  • Steven Tadelis (Berkeley): time and topic to be confirmed (1st week of April)

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