An interesting experiment

The movie Color Me Kubrick will be released in movies in the US on March 23, the same day on Cable (HDNet) and March  27 on DVD. Could this be the beginning of release date convergence?

2 thoughts on “An interesting experiment”

  1. It’d be much more significant if this was a new and wide-release film. But it’s been out for a year outside the US and is only on limited release there. It’s a niche film in the US market.


  2. Colour Me Kubrick wasn’t the first film to see a simultaneous theatrical and cable release. Stephen Soderberg’s Bubble was released both in theatres and on the US cable network HDNet movies on the 27th January 2006 with the DVD released three days later.

    It seems we are heading down the path of convergence with piracy and ease of online distribution being likely reasons

    Bubble IMDB Link:


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