Everyone loves a ranking

A new ranking of Australian blogs has been set up (click here). Core Economics is ranked at No.92. There is reason to doubt the whole exercise as I did not see either John Quiggin or Club Troppo in the list. It appears to be based on a composite of blog traffic and links to blogs. Nonetheless, we do love our rankings; spurious or not.

5 thoughts on “Everyone loves a ranking”

  1. Hi Joshua

    Right you are about Club Troppo – I’ll add that to be checked for the next update.

    Unfortunately I don’t think John Quiggin has claimed his blog on Technorati which means that although there are many links, there’s no rank.

    It’s early days yet with regards to the index, so I daresay there will be a lot of fine tuning. Thanks for mentioning these two blogs.


  2. Yes, I must admit I felt the usual indignant outrage when Club Troppo didn’t make the cut – being the anonymous geek who helps to keep things running thereabouts. Ah, vanity, thy name is geek 🙂


  3. As Meg notes, the list isn’t perfect, but it’s a start, and it’s something worthy of support, we need more of this stuff out there: there is far too little collective Australian blogging sites/ movements/ groups, and we’d all be better off if we could get together with things such as this.


  4. Duncan;

    I’ve suggested to the Troppo Cabal that we go over the top 100 list to see if there’s stuff we’re missing from our Missing Link “catchment” – which I just counted at having a 182 blogs listed.


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