Beware the mythic study

Peter Martin does a fine piece of investigative journalism in The Canberra Times. He looks into where the $30b per year benefits from broadband investment came from (the calculated figure that is). It takes considerable effort but he finds the relevant Accenture study (ironically, far from being on the web) and it turns out it is from 2001. Every person and their dog has quoted this number but clearly have not done more than that with the study. Labor, of course, touted it to justify its $4.7b claim on public funds.

But more disturbing is that Telstra happily quoted it too (click here; it is still there as of 6:38pm 26th April). Why is that more disturbing? Because Telstra claim that companies like themselves are best placed to judge and bear the economic risks from investing and that regulators should get out of their hair and not pre-judge them. But if their decisions are relying on old Accenture studies, then one is given pause to wonder. Based on this, perhaps the regulator is doing the shareholders a favour?

One thought on “Beware the mythic study”

  1. I’m still wondering how fast Internet access increases productivity.

    As far as I can tell, waiting less time to watch porn doesn’t add even $30m to the economy, let alone $30b.

    Any suggestions?


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