Apple TV (one month on)

Well, it has been over a month since I noted the potentially misleading representation of Apple TV on Apple Australia’s website. By the way, that post received over 10,000 hits (the most of any post on this site). Did anything change?

I looked today and it is all the same. I wonder if anyone has purchased this thinking they could get movies and/or TV? If so, please post a comment.

One thought on “Apple TV (one month on)”

  1. Australian Person Computer has a recent story noting that ISP iiNet is offering unmetered access to the iTunes store in Australia. They observe that people aren’t likely to be downloading multiple gigabytes of music, and that it may point to upcoming access to movies over iTunes for Australian users.

    Ars Technica is also reporting that Apples has announced iTunes movies will be coming to Europe at some point in the not too distant future.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see them in Australia soon, or that Apple’s advertising is any less misleading, but signs are promising.


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