Labor’s proposed moves to provide free dental care for low income households is a welcome development (as were the smaller moves in the Budget). It is something that I have argued in favour of for some time but it does not yet go far enough. In reality, dental care should come under Medicare; especially for children. It is hard to argue that it is different from other health care.

2 thoughts on “Denticare”

  1. I’ve never understood why dentistry wasn’t included – all I get is rumours of strong lobbies against Whitlam and Fraser (and what, the AMA aren’t strong?)

    I live in a poor area, unlike (it seems) all of the politicians and senior policy makers, and it’s clear to me that dental health is once more an easy marker of socio-economic status.

    And bad teeth lead to so many other health outcomes, I wonder what the cost benefit analysis would show?

    Socialise dentistry now!


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