“Hot potato, hot potato”

Well, I have been at home for the past couple of days and the reason why appeared in this morning’s Age. Of course, I knew about that already. But the fun part is that I have supposedly been given time off. That appears to mean that I don’t come into work but otherwise get all of my editorial duties, replies to co-authors, paper submissions and of course, blog posts done regardless. Thank goodness for the asbestos-free Wiggles DVDs. “Potato, potato, potato!”

5 thoughts on ““Hot potato, hot potato””

  1. I’m curious to see how this will be spun by the various sides in the current controversy about ‘out-sourcing’ of Melbourne Uni’s childcare. (And I notice, Joshua, that you haven’t weighed into this classic microeconomic issue…)


  2. But blog posts are supposed to be fun, aren’t they?

    My fave Wiggles DVD is the one with Christine Anu, Rolf Harris, Tim Finn, etc. Esp Rolf. Love the wobble board.


  3. That is a good one but I like the classic “Yummy, yummy” one. That one had Paul Hester.

    I didn’t say the rest of it wasn’t fun either.


  4. In today’s e-mail, the predicted spin from the NTEU: “As the University owns the childcare centre it can therefore allow staff and students time-off to look after the children while it’s closed. However in the light of recent movements to privatise childcare at the University this begs the question, would a private provider be able to provide the same level of care and responsibility? We think it’s a risk we can do without.” And here I thought the proposal was to outsource child care, not human resources. Silly me.

    BTW, far-and-away the best Wiggles DVD is “Racing to the Rainbow”, focusing on Captain Feathersword and banishing Henry, Wags and Dorothy to a balloon.


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