Saving in and by Open Office

Open Office saved me today. The story was this. A co-author and I had paper that needed to be completed by tomorrow. It is highly technical and equation intensive. My co-author decided to write his part up in Word Perfect (don’t ask me why, I don’t know!). Mine was in Word. To make them compatible we decided to migrate his part into Word. But whatever he did to help that along corrupted the latest file and so it was unreadable in both programs!

Well, it turned out that it was readable in Open Office which allowed me to save in Word and save the day. It’s free and, as far as I am concerned, should be a necessary install for all PCs.

One thought on “Saving in and by Open Office”

  1. I agree that OpenOffice should be a compulsory install. It is fantastic software. But the scientist’s response to your story is: why were either of you trying to write anything equation intensive in Word!? Compared to any TeX based software (such as LaTeX, which is freely available), Word is horribly inadequate, and much less visually impressive. Most scientific (and especially mathmatics/statistics) journals will convert your paper into a TeX based type-setting format before printing anyway.


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