The death of the wire

The death of wired phones has been forecast for sometime but hasn’t quite got there. The New York Times reports on T-Mobile’s latest product that lets your mobile phone work (for free) at WiFi hotspots including within your home; and all with iPhone-type ease. (Of course, there is still an Internet wire but you get my point).

Will we see this in Australia? I’d like to say “yes” but my stomach is telling me “no.” It all works by having lots of wireless hotspots. Otherwise there is not much opportunity for saving. Australia doesn’t have too many of them and I am pretty sure it is related to the same set of issues that give us download quotas. But I would certainly like to see an enterprising mobile phone company run an access case for the Internet to set up hotspots. Then we might get some real competition.

4 thoughts on “The death of the wire”

  1. This option seems like a natural for the iPhone. If only Apple had teamed up with T-Mobile…


  2. If I could get a phone that when I walked in the door it teamed up with my home wireless network for free phonecalls, I would be the first in line for that product.


  3. I’ve already dispensed with the landline, and have onyl a capped mobile for national calls and VOIP for international calls. Although this is only possible because I can get cable internet in my area, it’s still a damn site better than forking out for line rental!


  4. All my friends who have dispensed with a landline are New Yorkers. Not only is the coverage excellent, but it also helps that – between long work hours and great restaurants – they barely spend any time in their apartments.


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