Intrusive anti-piracy

Lots of people complain about DRM as intrusive and annoying. At least it is clear what its purpose is: that is, to be intrusive and annoying.

So we have bought Season 1 of Arrested Development on DVD (it is excellent by the way). And every evening we watch an episode. Because the DVD player is used for other things, that means that it is loaded every night.  And what do we have to sit through every single night? An ad warning us that downloading movies off the Internet is illegal and wrong.

So let me see. We buy a DVD. We get bombarded with an ad that is clearly unnecessary given that we bought the DVD. If we had downloaded this both would have been avoided! And so the copyright folks wonder why they are hated and I am reminded every night that I was some sort of idiot for having bought this. Terrific.

3 thoughts on “Intrusive anti-piracy”

  1. I have that EXACT same thought every time I chuck in a rental DVD. The ironic thing is, if you were a DVD pirate, you wouldn’t even see the warning because the software automatically that avoids copying all that ‘nag-ware’ (so I’ve heard).

    Basically, it only serves to annoy legitimate buyers.


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