Faith in humanity or economics

Want to destroy your faith in humanity or restore your faith in economics, head over to They have dropped 100 wallets and videoed the consequences. The people who keep the wallet always seem to look in it immediately as soon as they pick it up while those who return it don’t. Wallet #62 took the wallet with one hand while holding his child’s with the other. There are also some statistics. I should hasten to add that this study is not peer reviewed so take from it what you will.

3 thoughts on “Faith in humanity or economics”

  1. Had a quick look at two of the movies of people picking up a wallet. In the second instance there were two people who noticed the wallet. I think it would be fair to assume that with more people on the scene at the time of finding a wallet the greater the chance of the wallet being returned. Who would want to risk being thought of as a theif?


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