Harry Potter and the Divorce Rate

We have pre-ordered one copy of Harry Potter for tomorrow. This created an immediate issue: who is getting to read it first? We went through, “you read it first last time” to “I will read it quicker.” And, no, this wasn’t the kids; if they want to be part of the negotiation either learn to read or buy it themselves. It came up that this would not have been a problem if we weren’t together. So I think that we will be buying two copies as the superior solution. Sometimes couplehood just doesn’t save on purchases. Now, of course, there is a new problem: who is going to mind the kids this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Divorce Rate”

  1. Simple solution: buy one copy and read it to the family over the weekend!!! Then the disputes are just over when to take coffee breaks and bathroom breaks!!! I must admit, i am looking forward to tomorrow too!!!


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